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Stephen Geary, CEO

Mr Stephen Geary is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur, prior to returning to the life sciences he held various management and technical positions in the retail, telecommunications and I.T. sectors. Steve co-founded Forma Labs, Ireland's first biomakerspace in Cork city. In 2015 he co-founded Sothic Bioscience together with a core team equally driven to replace unsustainable animal-derived reagent sources. Mr Geary is a biotechnology graduate of CIT and holds an MSc in Molecular Cell Biology with Bioinnovation from University College Cork. He has studied with the Irish Management Institute and holds certifications in project and service management.

Carl, Limulus Polyphemus

There is more than meets the eyes of this fascinating creature. The Horseshoe crab is an important animal — a vastly adaptable generalist that managed to stay in the game of life for half a billion years, with a lifecyle that is interlocked with other animals. For the scientist, the Limuli are an intriguing puzzle of nature, offering insights into the mechanisms of evolution, vision, bacteria, and interdependence between species. For the pharmaceutical industry, it is the sole planetary source for a precious reagent called L.A.L., the foundation of pyrogen control testing for our health sector.

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