Sothic Bioscience

Sothic Bioscience was founded in 2015 with the mission to combine synthetic biology and business to improve our outdated supply chain: to use cutting edge biotechnology to bring long needed change towards a more efficient, sustainable, and animal friendly industry.

Save the crabs and the humans?

The blue blood of Horseshoe Crabs - it is the only source for L.A.L. (Limulus amebocyte lysate), a critically important and highly regulated quality control reagent in our medical and pharmaceutical industries.

L.A.L. is the gold standard in pyrogen testing. Without it, our health sector is deprived of its best tool to make sure that your next injection, implant or treatment is not a potential threat for your health.

There is a better way

Our in-house bioproduction platform allows us to make bio-identical replacement for naturally sourced L.A.L.: LimuleX™. This allows us to remove the declining animal source from the equation, modernize the outdated supply chain, and make a superior product. We are currently producing at lab scale and are in the process to enlarge our production capacity.

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